The villas

The distribution of the rooms has been designed for maximum comfort and openness to the horizon, with an outstanding architecture by Leonardo Omar, framed in the blue of the Atlantic.Each villa has 3 bedrooms with their own bathrooms en suite, two upstairs and one downstairs. On the ground floor you have the open kitchen-dining room, connected to the living room, a toilet and a large outdoor terrace with private pool. The surface is completed with a large basement, with parking, laundry room and pool machine room.

The 27 villas are in privative sub plots, which are combined in a staggered way to adapt to the natural orography of the terrain, on a slope, and offer the best views towards the sea. Access to the sub-plot of each home is made through a private entrance way.They are high quality housing in constructive and spatial definition, with a coherent and singular architectural theme.

The design of the architect Leonardo Omar achieves individual dwellings of modern and minimalist concept, which maintain a common line of aesthetics, forming a set of great harmony, beauty and luminosity.Each house is defragmented in a composition of white volumes, covered with ruffles and large glass surfaces, which make the rooms have continuity in the outer space, providing sensations of spaciousness and openness to the horizon.Everything, with clean geometric shapes, with details of cornering of the edges, as a unique feature of Insigne Luxury Villa.

Price start from 900.000€